What is Mkinsight and what is it used for? Wearworthy of the trust of companies, governments and individuals around the world, MKInsight is a complete, extremely configurable and easy-to-use Audit Management system. From individual auditors to state audit institutions, everyone finds that MKInsightTM is easy to use, simple to deploy, and affordable, whatever the size … Leer más

Audit software idea

What is Audit software idea and what is it used for? IDEA Software Auditing: Whether it’s auditor, accounting professional, financial, or data analysis, understanding an organization’s data can be complicated. Collecting information from different sources and in a wide variety of formats, identifying trends and outliers, and recording every step of its analysis are some … Leer más


What is ISOTOOLS AUDITORIES and what is it used for? ISOTools Audits helps in the conduct and monitoring of audits in organizations. Through the ISOTools Technology Platform the management of internal and external audits of an organization is facilitated and streamlined. ISOTools Audits allows you to set the schedule of audits and plan the actions … Leer más


What is Auditbrain and what is it used for? AuditBrain: We help auditors correctly plan, execute and document their work under International Auditing Standards, avoiding penalties, increasing productivity and lowering costs by up to 30% by using our comprehensive Auditing Solution. AuditBrain is the easiest to use, customizable and secure audit software on the market. … Leer más

Gesia Audit Software

What is Gesia Audit Software and what is it used for? Gesia audit software is an audit work paper organizer designed to help the accounts auditor fulfill International Standards on Auditing (NIAs) requirements in the most efficient and organized manner possible. Through a system of pre-parameterization on References, Areas, Files and Folders to be established … Leer más

Audit Software

What is Audit Software and what is it used for? Auto Audit is an easy to use and install audit software, its risk assessment, planning, monitoring and problem management functionalities increase the efficiency in the management of audit departments. Within the Audit Manager solutions of Thomson Reuters company we provide AutoAudit, the software specialized in … Leer más