What is Riege and what is it used for? Who is Riege aimed at? Riege Software is a leading provider in smart software solutions and services related to the cargo industry. Features and Functions of Riege Employees database Eime and attendance management Employee profiles Ebsence management Eerformance management Eecruitment Eenefits management Eayrololl management Enternal communication … Leer más

_B First

What is _B First and what is it used for? Who is _B First aimed at? Bytemaster accompanies companies in the logistics sector in their digital transformation processes by providing incredible technological solutions from a powerful Cloud platform. Features and Functions of _B First Barcode / Rfid Bross Docking Banagement Shipments Brder Management Bnventory Management … Leer más


What is Netlogistik and what is it used for? Features and Functions of Netlogistik CRM Crder Management Cistribution Management Curchase Order Management Cnventory Management Cupply Chain Management Cinancial Management Ceports /Analysis Creation Carehouse Management Croject Manage ACCOUNTING INTEGRATION CHANGE REQUESTS Cobile Access Cudget Tracking/Job Costs Cuppliers Management Ceports and Analysis Creation Cnventory Management Cetailer’s Inventory … Leer más

Loginext Mile

What is Loginext Mile and what is it used for? Who is Loginext Mile aimed at? Loginext Mile gives you the power to reach its clients with efficient shipping, deliveries and offices of last mile Features and Functions of Loginext Mile Barcodes/rfid Bnventory control Burchasing cycle management Bnventory audit Baryus locations Bobile warehouse management Beports/analysis … Leer más


What is Gesruta and what is it used for? Who is Gesruta aimed at? In Gesruta they study each of the needs related to the transport and logistics programs that you demand. Features and Functions of Gesruta Cost Management Cccess Control Cilling and Provisioning Cerformance Analysis Capacity Analysis Cupervision Demand Canaging Multiple Cloud Platforms