What is ELMA BPM and what is it used for? ELMA BPM: With the easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop functions, process modeling has become fast, simple and understandable. You can create even the most complex process maps and translate your business requirements into BPM applications. ELMA BPM is a business process management software that automates workflow … Leer más

Ultimus bpm suite

What is Ultimus bpm suite and what is it used for? The Ultimus Adaptive Business Process Management (BPM) Suite is a seamlessly integrated business process management software solution to manage the full lifecycle of key business processes. With its human-centered approach, the Ultimus BPM Suite enables people in an organization to drive process automation and … Leer más

BPM auraportal

What is BPM auraportal and what is it used for? AuraPortal BPM is a platform that offers ease in the design and easy execution of all operational processes, no matter how complex they may be and without any additional programming. AuraPortal BPM software offers solutions for companies of any size: from corporations with millions of … Leer más

Genexus BPM Suite

What is Genexus BPM Suite and what is it used for? With GeneXus BPM Suite, simplify, automate and optimize processes and system creation in your company with our comprehensive Business Process Management and Optimization Suite. Agidly adapt your systems and processes to changing business needs with GeneXus BPM Suite. See changes up and running quickly, … Leer más

Lucidchart BPM

What is Lucidchart BPM and what is it used for? Lucidchart BPM helps you visualize your business processes, allowing you to identify the improvements needed to increase the efficiency of your organization. Lucidchart’s drag-and-drop interface allows all members of an organization to easily create business process diagrams. Our wide range of formatting capabilities allows you … Leer más

Bonitasoft BPM

What is Bonitasoft BPM and what is it used for? Bonitasoft BPM coordinates the way you work (between people, departments and different locations) and measures its effectiveness over time. The BPM combines process improvement techniques with business process automation technology. The Bonitasoft BPM Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) platform enters Gartner’s Magic Quadrant iBPMS as … Leer más

BPM paste

What is BPM paste and what is it used for? Paste BPM allows you to update your business processes easily and quickly. It enables business users to play an important role in process creation and refinement, meaning that process improvement efforts are not hampered in overloaded IT departments. Paste BPM also supports real-time optimization of … Leer más

IBM Business On Cloud

What is IBM Business On Cloud and what is it used for? IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud provides a full lifecycle BPM environment, including development, testing, and production with execution tools and resources to design, run, monitor, and optimize processes. It is designed for business users to improve business immediately without the need to … Leer más


What is JBOSS BPM Suite and what is it used for? JBoss BPM Suite includes a unique toolkit designed to accelerate the creation of applications that solve complex programming and resource optimization problems. The Enterprise Resource Organizer uses the JBoss BPM Suite business rules to quickly find appropriate solutions to problems that would otherwise be … Leer más

Activiti BPM

What is Activiti BPM and what is it used for? Activiti BPM can help businesses solve automation challenges in distributed, highly scalable, and cost-effective infrastructures. Activiti BPM is the open-source, lightweight, java centric BPMN engine that supports real-world process automation needs. Activiti Cloud is now the next generation of business automation platforms offering a set … Leer más