What is TOPDDESK TU PUPPORT and what is it used for? TopDesk is the ideal tool to support enterprise-wide processes such as call management, asset management and workflow management. Assigning roles, both inside and outside your department, becomes easier. All support departments can work together with a single tool, helping to increase efficiency and improve … Leer más IVR

What is IVR and what is it used for? is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Global Telecommunications Solutions for Companies, Distributors, Operators and Contact Centers that offers IVR software and are specialized in providing IP Telephony, CRM, ERP and Contact Center Software Solutions to companies of any size and sector of activity. Features … Leer más


What is NEOTEL SOFTWARE IVR and what is it used for? Neotel IVR is a comprehensive technological communication solution designed for contact centers, integrates a Call Center system plus solutions that integrate telephony, social networks, webchat, mail and a customizable CRM for the management of your business. Features and Benefits of Neotel IVR: You can … Leer más


What is Neotel and what is it used for? Neotel offers Call Center Software with the best switchboard on the market. To all the functionalities of the cloud switchboard we are currently selling can be added the predictive scoreboard module. This module facilitates the creation of telemarketing campaigns in Contact Center/Customer Service where the Neotel … Leer más


What is Gocontact and what is it used for? A product resulting from the synergy between teams with high know-how in telecommunications engineering/software, Management and operational consulting of Call Centers thus guaranteeing a final solution the most adapted possible to the needs of the market. All the services necessary for effective Call Center management are … Leer más