What is DUEMINT ACCOUNTING and what is it used for? Duemint: Visibility and control over cash flow and automates the entire collection process, so that your customers’ payments come on time. Duemint knows how and when to collect your money; the platform takes over from when you issue your bill until your customer’s payment comes … Leer más

Elofichash collections

What is Elofichash collections and what is it used for? ELOFICASH is a collaborative risk management and customer collection software, which means that it allows the whole company to be involved in the process of recovering customer debt. Employees can connect to the tool and collaborate, thanks to remote access via (tablets, smartphones, computers…) and … Leer más

FSC Collection Management

What is FSC Collection Management and what is it used for? FSC Collection Management is a software with which you can optimize and automate your business with our collection platform aimed at potentiating the growth of your company ensuring a greater return on investment in the management of your collection process. The meeting point for … Leer más


What is Intiza and what is it used for? Intiza Collection Management Software is the ideal tool to systematize collections in your company and thus reduce your collection times. Increase the productivity of your collection team. Intiza simplifies the daily work of managing collections and provides tools that help collectors manage more customers in a … Leer más

Grandi and associates

What is Grandi and associates and what is it used for? Grandi and Associates Collection Management Software. Grandi y Asociados is the technological tool that allows and facilitates the monitoring and recovery of defaulting portfolios of companies, financial institutions and public bodies. It makes it possible to have online all the information about the defaulting … Leer más

Giitic Collections

What is Giitic Collections and what is it used for? Giitic Collections is a powerful and secure collection software that will make your accounting management easier. Modern companies require increasingly complex and powerful systems that are able to integrate the operation of all areas of the company (SALES, PURCHASES, ACCOUNTING, HUMAN RESOURCES, PRODUCTION, INVENTORY, MARKETING, … Leer más

Collectplus Collections

What is Collectplus Collections and what is it used for? One of the most important attributes of CollectPlus is the ability to assist you in your collection efforts. Our software has been built based on feedback from various collection agencies as well as other companies that use CollectPlus for their internal portfolio management. Our approach … Leer más

Siigo Collections

What is Siigo Collections and what is it used for? Siigo Collections is a 100% online collection system with which you can send reminders, follow up and receive payments online. PaymentReminders Remember the payment to your customers quickly by activating the collection alerts, which will be sent by email or text message to speed up … Leer más