What is CONGA CONTRACTS and what is it used for? Gain control over the entire lifecycle of your contracts with Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus). Enjoy visibility and control over all contracts in your organization, while simplifying and accelerating the creation and negotiation process. In just a few weeks, your business can streamline the full contract … Leer más

Concord contracts

What is Concord contracts and what is it used for? Get successful contracts and faster processes!. Concord automates the latest manual business process contracts!. It’s the easiest way to manage contracts across the enterprise. With Concord, all your contracts are on a single platform so everyone can write, mark, sign and manage with colleagues and … Leer más

Icertis Administration Contracts

What is Icertis Administration Contracts and what is it used for? The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform transforms contracts into strategic business assets, giving global companies powerful new capabilities to maximize revenue, control costs, and manage risks. The speed of business is increasing, change is the only constant. The rewards and risks have never been … Leer más

Oneflow contracts

What is Oneflow contracts and what is it used for? OneFlow is as simple as a handshake, enjoy efficient contract handling effortlessly. Create impressive, responsive, and secure HTML-based contract templates, just like a professional. Facilitate the legal and secure signature of your counterparty from any device. Get instant insight into the performance of all departments … Leer más

Exari Administration Contracts

What is Exari Administration Contracts and what is it used for? With the recent growth of the market and the corresponding growth of assets managed by investment funds, there is a greater need to mitigate risks through a cutting-edge management of ever-growing contract portfolios, Exari can help you with that! The visibility of contract data … Leer más

Contract logix

What is Contract logix and what is it used for? Accelerate your contracts with Contract Logix’s powerful and flexible tools, specially designed to make the process easier. Proactively and efficiently manage contracts using best-in-class contract management solutions. Make smarter decisions and ensure that your obligations and commitments are met with clear visibility into your contract … Leer más

Effacts contracts

What is Effacts contracts and what is it used for? The first step in digitizing contract management is to get all your contracts in one place, to provide the business with a single source of truth. Say goodbye to manually updated spreadsheets and save time by searching for contract information with Effacts Administration Contracts. Features … Leer más