Smartsupp Live Chat

What is Smartsupp Live Chat and what is it used for? Smartsupp your customers are on their website right now, chat with them and watch what they do. FREE live chat with recording visitors. Use our free package with UNLIMITED number of agents forever. Smartsupp increases conversions by up to 500% (measurable in Google Analytics) … Leer más

What is and what is it used for? Gong is a conversation tracking platform for commercial sales teams that records, transcribes and analyzes all sales calls and interactions to increase sales conversion efficiency. Gong’s cloud-based application allows salespeople to collaborate and create effective presentations and sales methods using voice data. Gong helps users better … Leer más


What is Kindly and what is it used for? Combine AI chat with conversion optimization, cart abandonment messages, and live chat; all on one platform. Users can improve the average number of orders. It enables brands to create exceptional experiences to increase online sales and improve customer satisfaction. By combining conversion optimization software, conversational AI, … Leer más


What is ActiveChat and what is it used for? ActiveChat is a chat platform designed to help call centers, e-commerce, and customer service companies automate customer interactions via email, SMS, web, Facebook messages, and other communication channels. The platform allows users to create personal assistants to answer customer questions and simplify support operations. ActiveChat automatically … Leer más


What is Ideta and what is it used for? Ideta is a cloud-based conversational AI platform that helps businesses create AI-based chatbots that increase user engagement with a brand. This allows developers to create multiple test scenarios or chats to preview bot performance prior to deployment. Organizations can use Ideta’s natural language processing capabilities to … Leer más


What is Inbenta and what is it used for? Inbenta is a conversational AI platform that helps organizations with more than 500 employees automate personalized customer interactions in a scalable way. It’s easy to deliver a 360-degree chat experience across all channels thanks to four effective modules for search, chat, information, and voice solutions. Its … Leer más


What is Atom and what is it used for? ATOM is a conversational artificial intelligence platform that simplifies the work of companies by combining and organizing the conversations sent by their customers in digital channels (e.g. Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram) to manage them from a single platform that facilitates the shopping experience. consumers and provide … Leer más


What is Execision and what is it used for? ExecVision is a cloud-based conversational training and voice data solution designed for sales, support, and customer success teams. The platform transcribes and analyzes calls, identifies training moments, offers advice on best practices, and allows you to track agent development over time. ExecVision automatically transcribes and analyzes … Leer más