Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word and what is it used for? Polished documents, anytime, anywhere, on all your devices is what Microsoft Word provides. Express your best words Microsoft Word helps you write with confidence, knowing that smart technology can help with spelling, grammar, and even stylistic typing suggestions. With tools at your fingertips, easily switch … Leer más

Conga Composer

What is Conga Composer and what is it used for? Conga Composer: Easily generate perfect documents from Salesforce. Create enterprise-grade custom documents for each interaction directly from Salesforce. Mobilize your data, improve efficiency, and eliminate errors that slow your business. Features and benefits of Conga Composer: A DocGen application, unlimited uses. Documents make your business … Leer más

Madcap Flare

What is Madcap Flare and what is it used for? MadCap Flare is creating and publishing documents with its cutting-edge technique for technical writers and content developers today whether you need to create technical documentation for online help, software and API documentation, policy and procedure manuals, illustrated parts catalogs or maintenance manuals, bases knowledge or … Leer más