What is AMOCRM and what is it used for? AmoCRM is the CRM solution to efficiently and effectively increase your sales. With integrations that allow you to provide the necessary tools to your representatives so that they are on par with the best in the market, obtaining the following benefits: Integrations with no added cost … Leer más


What is Freshsales and what is it used for? With a highly intuitive user interface and a powerful set of features including built-in phone and email, AI based prospect scoring, sales funnel visual, intelligent workflow automations, customizable visual reports, and dashboards. Freshsales provides businesses everything they need to manage and scale their sales without having … Leer más

Zendesk Sell

What is Zendesk Sell and what is it used for?   Sell’s intuitive user interface eliminates friction from deal updates so representatives and management can always access, analyze, and collaborate on up-to-date and relevant deal data. Not all leads and opportunities are created equal. Keep your sales team focused on leads and higher value offerings … Leer más

Viger CRM

What is Viger CRM and what is it used for? Vtiger CRM helps companies organize, increase sales, improve marketing ROI, and deliver delicious customer service experiences with every commitment, increasing customer loyalty and profitability. Vtiger’s additional tools cover reporting, collaboration, integration, and mobile applications. Vtiger CRM accelerates sales by helping you detect opportunities to delight … Leer más


What is Membrain and what is it used for? Membrain is the award-winning sales efficiency platform that makes it easy for sales teams to run their process, train better and continuously improve. Helps drive the behaviors needed in complex B2B sales to increase sales effectiveness and achieve consistent performance. The software can replace or complement … Leer más


What is Salesbox and what is it used for? Salesbox is the #1 sales platform that accelerates your business. At Salesbox we have designed a sales acceleration platform based on two very important ideas: A lot of time working with sales is spent inefficiently or wasted on management ARM doesn’t speed up your business Salesbox … Leer más

BullHorn CRM

What is BullHorn CRM and what is it used for? Bullhorn CRM offers cloud-based solutions for relationship-based businesses. Its automated data capture and customer knowledge technology helps companies win customers and keep them happy and engaged. Today, more than 7,000 companies rely on the Bullhorn platform to help increase sales, improve service delivery and optimize … Leer más


What is CRM ODOO and what is it used for? Odoo CRM offers a complete software solution for all levels of activity. An integrated suite of business applications including CRM, POS, Website Builder, E-Commerce, Sales, Payments, Accounting, Manufacturing, Warehouse, HR, Projects, Marketing Tools and more.Odoo CRM Features:Plan activities according to your sales strategy (phone, meeting, … Leer más


What is SAP CRM and what is it used for? SAP CRM enables you to take full advantage of customer relationships by leveraging customer information, improving first-line efficiency and efficiency, simplifying critical business processes across and beyond customer contact points, and rapidly adapting to changing needs commercial and customer services. Differentiate your business with custom … Leer más


What is Release and what is it used for? Relenta is an email-based contact management tool that allows small teams to handle a large number of customer interactions. Relenta is the cross between email, contact manager, email marketing, CRM, calendar and your personal secretary. Relenta allows you to accelerate sales, raise awareness through email marketing … Leer más