Points to SME

What is Points to SME and what is it used for? PuntosDeLealtad is an effective Loyalty Program at a very affordable price, sign up now and begin Customer Loyalty. Features and Benefits of PuntosDeLealtad: Email Personalized MarketingMaintain continuous communication with your customers and create an emotional link with your business, automatically send emails with congratulations … Leer más

Comarch Loyalty System

What is Comarch Loyalty System and what is it used for? Comarch Loyalty Management provides support in all areas of a loyalty program, creating homogeneous operations, an effective tool to obtain, manage and enhance customer data through all contact points, as well as to allow customers to offer relevant offers and promotions at the right … Leer más


What is Intershop and what is it used for? Based on PC, card reader (Chip, band or bar code) and central processing system, allows small business organizations, groups of companies, franchises, etc.., to implement a complete loyalty system, with statistics, card customization (optional), results tracking, etc., and you just need to have a PC and … Leer más


What is Fidelizoo and what is it used for? With Fidelizoo in addition to creating a points program, the trade will have statistics on the buying habits of its customers, helping to launch marketing campaigns more focused on what the customer needs. Fidelizoo Features and Benefits: Multi-device system and Fidelizoo card. Momplementary devices for each … Leer más

Savoroclub.es software

What is Savoroclub.es software and what is it used for? In this way, with each new consumption, your client will accumulate balance in their account that will encourage them to consume again in your establishment. Features and Benefits of AhorroClub.es Software: Register your customer in AhorroClubFrom the app for the point of sale, you will … Leer más