Tibco Jaspersoft

What is Tibco Jaspersoft and what is it used for? Combine operational data stored in relational databases with Big Data sources for an overall view of your business or customer, and combine data through the innovative metadata layer with data virtualization or into a traditional data warehouse using ETL. Features and Benefits of Jaspersoft: Graphic … Leer más

Centerprise data

What is Centerprise data and what is it used for? Centerprise Data Integrator helps companies better manage processing needs, save more time and increase the productivity of programmers. Features and Benefits of Centerprise Data Integrator: Workflow Automation & Job Scheduling: With a built-in work schedule, Centerprise allows you to schedule anything from a simple data … Leer más

IBM Bigintegrate

What is IBM Bigintegrate and what is it used for? IBM BigIntegrate is a big data integration solution that provides superior connectivity, fast transformation, and reliable, easy-to-use data delivery features that run on the data nodes of a Hadoop cluster. Features and Benefits of IBM BigIntegrate: Provides Hadoop Big Data Integration — Provides a massively … Leer más

IBM Infosphere Datastge

What is IBM Infosphere Datastge and what is it used for? Leverages a high-performance parallel framework, available on-premises or in the cloud. The scalable platform provides extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity. Integrates heterogeneous data, including big data at rest (Hadoop based) or big data in motion (streaming based), on both distributed and mainframe platforms. … Leer más

IBM Infosphere

What is IBM Infosphere and what is it used for? InfoSphere Information Server provides MPP massive parallel processing capabilities, to provide a highly scalable and flexible integration platform that handles all data volumes, large and small. Features and Benefits of IBM InfoSphere Information Server: InfoSphere Information Server gives you the ability to flexibly meet your … Leer más

Astera data cloud

What is Astera data cloud and what is it used for? Features and Benefits of Astera Cloud: Free IT and Business with Total Automation: It all starts and ends with a website powered by our ETL Centerprise engine: designed and perfectly optimized to automatically perform data extraction, data conversion, and data exchange between partners. Data … Leer más


What is MAGIC XPC IPAAS and what is it used for? Magic xpc’s API driven high productivity environment is designed to connect business applications, data sources and new touchpoints up to 85% faster, improving customer digital engagement and maintaining seamless data exchange throughout application lifecycle. Features and Benefits of Magic xpc iPaaS Platform: Fast and … Leer más

Scribe Insight

What is Scribe Insight and what is it used for? Sales and administration applications can be connected with this proven local platform, development and management of integrations is greatly simplified thanks to out-of-the-box connectors that adapt to software updates, a simple graphical interface to make changes no coding and management tools that keep things running … Leer más