What is Signrequest and what is it used for? The world is rapidly changing to a completely digital, paperless environment. SignRequest digital (electronic) signatures are an essential part of this transition. In our vision, digital signatures are no longer an expensive high-end product, but a basic product accessible to everyone. Our platform allows you and … Leer más

WP Digital E-Signature

What is WP Digital E-Signature and what is it used for? With WP Digital E-Signature, create professional-looking contracts in seconds. When you need signatures, email the contracts to your customer or create public URLs for redundant contracts. Automatically get signed contracts on your site. Know when your document is being viewed. Create templates and install … Leer más

Signicat sign

What is Signicat sign and what is it used for? Signicat Sign: As more and more business is done online, the need to add digital signatures to documents increases. Signicat Sign offers a flexible solution for adding electronic signatures to text and PDF documents. When the document is signed, it contains information about who signed … Leer más

Atherent Electronic Signature

What is Atherent Electronic Signature and what is it used for? Having a digital signature demonstrates the validity of the document and assures the recipient that the document is valid and free of false information. Benefits and advantages of using Athento: Using a digital signature supposes satisfying some legal requirements with the documents in question. … Leer más

Indigital Sign Fast

What is Indigital Sign Fast and what is it used for? Our tool to complement the services offered through its applications, allows you to incorporate security when authenticating with digital certificates. With Indigital Solutions Sign Fast you can also share your documents. You can integrate custom business processes, electronic procedures, workflows, etc. And to improve … Leer más

Xolido Sign

What is Xolido Sign and what is it used for? Draw your handwritten signature and perform digital signature without electronic certificate, reliable in time and associated with metadata traceability of document and communications, sign with CSV for public sector, Xolido Sign’s CSV system guarantees the unique character of the code generated for each document, its … Leer más