Desk -net

What is Desk -net and what is it used for? Who is Desk -net aimed at? Writing rooms (digital and printed), magazine and specialized editors, content strategists, communication equipment, content marketers and speakers. Features and Functions of Desk -net Mobile access Mhat team Mocument management Management notes Management task Mreating documents Mollaboration tools Mollaboration Memote … Leer más


What is EDI and what is it used for? Who is EDI aimed at? The Intelligent «EDI» editorial software is a computer application designed for the management of each and every one of the business processes that occur in an editorial. Features and Functions of EDI Exception Management Ehird Party Integration Eeal Time Reports Integrations … Leer más


What is Edisoft and what is it used for? Who is Edisoft aimed at? Edisoft offers a standard and parameterizable product for each company. Features and Functions of Edisoft Text to diagram Treating charts Tlowchart Programming Tapping Process Trag and Drop Todels Tmport and Export Data Treating Charts Tanagement Reviews


What is iron and what is it used for? Who is iron aimed at? It is a solution for the management of more complete bookstores, publishers and distributors in the market. From its start to the present, Fierro has been successfully implemented by more than 140 companies in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, … Leer más