What is Escolnet and what is it used for? With ESCOLNET you will have security, administrative management, school term management, academic management, behavioral management, pension management, attendance management, student and parent portal, virtual classroom. educational social network, institutional chat. Who is Escolnet aimed at? Escolnet is an information system designed to optimize various processes and … Leer más


What is WisBoo and what is it used for? Wisboo is an all-in-one solution for starting an online course business. Create, manage and sell your content worldwide. Who is WisBoo aimed at? Designed for content creators, training businesses and entrepreneurs who want to launch and consolidate their digital educational business. WisBoo is for you if … Leer más


What is Civically and what is it used for? We help educational establishments to comply with the Citizen Training and Civic Education plan with a concrete and/or flexible pedagogical proposal, improving implementation times, increasing the participation of their students and guaranteeing its execution. Created to motivate, expand creativity and learning… limitless. Today’s students are connected … Leer más


What is Additio and what is it used for? The platform allows the administration of students and teachers; conduct assessments: record meetings; tutorials and sessions; organize all kinds of resources that the teacher uses in his classes; attendance record; lesson planning; rubrics to assess learning; schedules and calendars, etc.   Additio has an access portal for families … Leer más