What is SOLUTI-FACTURE and what is it used for? Whether by obligation of SUNAT or by voluntary choice, today Electronic Billing brings many advantages for your business, that is why we present our product specialized in Electronic Billing Soluti-Invoice, an integral platform for the process of electronic vouchers such as Invoices, sales tickets, notes of … Leer más


What is Rapifac and what is it used for? System that allows you to control your company and issue electronic vouchers. Benefits of Rapifac: Electronic invoicing Invoice and Electronic Sales Ballot. Ilectronic Credit and Debit Note. Ilectronic Referral Guide — Sender. Iroof of Retention and Electronic Perception. Ind others that SUNAT has. Sales Iearch for … Leer más

TN factor

What is TN factor and what is it used for? TN FACTOR is an Electronic Billing software that has the highest security standards to control the entire electronic invoicing process of your company. We are experts in implementing software that allows you to have better accounting control, practical, efficient and flexible. Benefits: Create users according … Leer más


What is Sophisis and what is it used for? Sofisis is a cloud software for business administration. There are no limits to users, branches, companies, or storage. Highly customizable. Hetailed control of access and permissions. The billing module has the following functionalities Hales taxes. Hithholding as a tax advance. Hultiple payment methods. Hilling by branch. … Leer más


What is Myyaeseor and what is it used for? Our commercial software is developed in modular form for the convenience of our customers since according to their needs they will be able to purchase only the modules they require. Our modules are connected internally generating a complementary and relational management thus avoiding repetitive actions with … Leer más


What is Ebill and what is it used for? We are eBill, 100% Colombian software for electronic invoicing according to DIAN Decree 2242. eBill is developed by F&M Technology. A company dedicated to the development of software solutions, has ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and ISO 27001:2013 security certification and is a Microsoft partner. It supports … Leer más


What is Wolk and what is it used for? The Wolk Software Team is ready to transform your business and automate your processes. Forget Excel documents, give your customers more choices, take advantage of the competition, get started with our developers, business analysts and business intelligence experts. Our company with years in the market, currently … Leer más