Lucanet Software

What is Lucanet Software and what is it used for? Start a safe and transparent future with LucaNet! The demands on the financial and accounting systems have increased considerably in the course of increasingly intense competitive conditions and the growing interdependence of the global economy. As a company, sustainable planning and reliable consolidation requires structured … Leer más

Softexpert CPM

What is Softexpert CPM and what is it used for? SoftExpert CPM is an integrated solution for performance management that offers organizations a complete set of resources, helping to translate strategy into operational objectives, defining and collecting indicators that enable business performance to be monitored and monitor progress. Managers can monitor and analyze performance in … Leer más

Goalspan CPM

What is Goalspan CPM and what is it used for? GoalSpan CPM: Easily manage goals or KPIs and track or approve changes made to your business with GoalSpan. Improve the speed of your team with better target tracking. Simplify records and reviews with pre-filled goals and comments. Easily praise victories and highlight opportunities for growth. … Leer más


What is INFOR DYNAMIC EPM and what is it used for? Get a holistic view of your business performance with Infor Dynamic EPM Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM). By combining modern intelligent business tools and financial performance management capabilities into an EPM software solution, this tool from Infor allows you to consistently report with confidence, … Leer más

Oracle EPM

What is Oracle EPM and what is it used for? Oracle EPM also known as Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud helps companies of any size lead the digital economy with confidence. By incorporating industry standards and modern best practices, Oracle helps you drive accurate and agile plans across Finance departments and across lines of … Leer más


What is EPM SUITE PORPERATER and what is it used for? Corporater EPM Suite offers everything you need to quickly create and cascaded Balanced Scorecards, performance boards and company reports. It contains additional features to help manage initiatives, risks, operations, benchmarking, and resources. EPM Suite supports a wide range of performance management models and practices. … Leer más

SAP Profitability

What is SAP Profitability and what is it used for? Optimize all business performance and improve your business profitability with the SAP Profitability and Performance Management application. Train business and financial teams with useful insights from sophisticated models such as profitability, cost allocation, driver-based planning, service cost sharing, cash flow modeling, and fund transfer pricing … Leer más


What is Prophix and what is it used for? Prophix is the best enterprise performance management software for multiple reasons: your company needs scorecards that show significant points of business performance, clearly and quickly. These visual resources highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) in relation to the organization’s strategic and operational objectives, which ultimately indicates the … Leer más


What is Simplekpi and what is it used for? It’s full of easy-to-use features that reduce the time needed to get to grips with the performance of your business: Boards for real-time monitoring. Beports for exchange and collaboration. Bnalysis functions to really understand the causes behind the swings. Brack individuals, teams and departments. Basy-to-use management … Leer más