RM protector

What is RM protector and what is it used for? Protector RM is an Enterprise Risk Management software that is functional for different business areas: RM Protector against Financial Risks: Identifying the points of financial imbalance, their possibilities for re-routing and the planned stages to achieve this is, in itself, the object of the Financial … Leer más

Visual Command Center

What is Visual Command Center and what is it used for? VISUAL COMMAND CENTRE IS THE LEADER CRITICAL EVENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR CONTROL A COMMAND CEN WITH VISUAL COMMAND CENTRE YOU CAN: MANAGE CRITICAL EVENTS Misual Command Centre helps you visualize and organize critical event management (CEM). When a risk is detected. Near an employee’s … Leer más

IBM Risk Analytics

What is IBM Risk Analytics and what is it used for? IBM Risk Analytics is a platform that provides enterprise risk solutions for insurers offering ease of use and flexibility, but based on sophisticated and complex technologies. Enterprise risk management with IBM Risk Analytics: It allows you to adapt to changes and meet regulatory and … Leer más

Softexpert ERM

What is Softexpert ERM and what is it used for? SoftExpert ERM is a fully integrated, easy-to-use, web-based solution that enables companies to identify, address, assess and mitigate risks across the enterprise, aligning risk management with corporate decision making and integrating different approaches and categories of classified risks for all sectors business. SoftExpert ERM software … Leer más

Aperitisoft Risks

What is Aperitisoft Risks and what is it used for? Aperitisoft is software that combines business risk management and measurement with custom process automation and workflow. This union allows Aperitisoft to deliver two very important performance management benefits, ERM, GRC, and internal audit programs that are potentially different from others: Measurement of dollars and performance … Leer más

FACT24 Risk Management

What is FACT24 Risk Management and what is it used for? FACT24 is an innovative, efficient and professional solution for the warning and management of risks and crises. With FACT24 you can reliably and effectively manage and handle critical situations from start to finish. You benefit from a faster return to normal operations, allowing you … Leer más

@Risk Risk Management

What is @Risk Risk Management and what is it used for? @RISK is software that offers a series of improvements for any decision maker, from improvements in general use to new specialized analytical functions. This application can be developed in Excel, and thus allows modeling and risk analysis in various scenarios from financial to scientific … Leer más

Business Expert System

What is Business Expert System and what is it used for? Expert System Enterprise Risk Management software allows you to address today’s diversified risk environment, as you need access to potentially relevant information available on online and open source channels, such as websites, forums, social networks, mobile applications and more, tracking and identification of relevant … Leer más


What is GLOBALSUITE SOFTWARE and what is it used for? GlobalSuite is a powerful and proven global platform for the implementation, management, maintenance and automation of Management Systems of different types and in an integrated way, such as Risk Management, Business Continuity, Information Security or Regulatory Compliance. GlobalSuite Risk Management complies with the PDCA management … Leer más

Sherlock Risk Management

What is Sherlock Risk Management and what is it used for? Sherlock Risk Management is a program of work and strategies to reduce vulnerability and promote conservation actions, mitigation and prevention against business risks that coordinates its risk management processes with corporate strategy, taking care of the goal of maintaining its performance and growth cost … Leer más