Gensuite environmental compliance

What is Gensuite environmental compliance and what is it used for? Gensuite’s environmental compliance software simplifies the management of fundamental environmental requirements, focusing its attention on regulatory compliance in matters such as atmosphere, water and waste. By using this system, you can consolidate permit requirements, assign compliance tasks, record ongoing monitoring requirements, conduct trend analysis, … Leer más


What is Kawak and what is it used for? With Kawak environmental management you can manage the environmental impacts and risks of your organization for your 14001 environmental management system. Among the features that can be mentioned of Kawak is the management of the matrix of environmental aspects and impacts of its organization, the creation … Leer más


What is eco2biz and what is it used for? eco2biz offers software designed to allow companies in the mining, industrial, oil, electricity, industrial cities, as well as public entities and organizations such as municipalities, communities, regional governments, hospitals, etc. to efficiently manage their environmental care commitments environment in compliance with the laws that regulate it. … Leer más