What is Servicetonic and what is it used for?     ServiceTonic is the powerful and easy to manage solution for any company that requires automating services without programming knowledge. ServiceTonic is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, ITIL aligned service desk and management software. Combining extensive functionality, a high level of configuration without programming and ease … Leer más

ISUPport Service Desk

What is ISUPport Service Desk and what is it used for? iSupport Service Desk, is used by over 250,000 help desk professionals every day to help them solve their most demanding support issues. iSupport Service Desk helps you automate incident, issue, change management, reports, knowledge, assets, end-user self-help, approval processes, customer surveys, and advanced email … Leer más

Aranda Software

What is Aranda Software and what is it used for? Conoce nuestras soluciones para la gestión de servicios de TI Acelera el crecimiento de tu negocio, reduce costos e incrementa tu productividad. Te ofrecemos soluciones para la gestión de servicios de TI (ITSM – Information Technologies  Service Management) a través de software que cumple con los más altos estándares … Leer más


What is Adereso and what is it used for? Who is Adereso aimed at? Dare Helpdesk is the ideal platform to reduce Call-Center costs and significantly increase sales with excellent attention using an official WhatsApp Business API number. Features and Functions of Adereso Multichannel communication Micket management Mouting automated Melf-service portal Mmail integration Mlerts and … Leer más


What is CXUP and what is it used for? CXUP is a requirements management software from your digital channels that helps improve communication and customer service. Centralize, order and manage the requirements, claims and requests of your customers in a single platform, where you can tag them and assign them to the person or area … Leer más


What is Deskxpand and what is it used for? Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to combine consumer wants and their own aims as customer demands develop. This is not beneficial for businesses or for their customers. Customers who do not receive prompt replies will not return to your organization. Furthermore, clients are increasingly demanding … Leer más