Ultipro Hr

What is Ultipro Hr and what is it used for? UltiPro is designed to improve the employee experience. With UltiPro, organizations can offer convenient recruitment and onboarding; process payroll with speed and accuracy; facilitate continuous employee learning and development; leverage advanced surveys and sentiment analysis; and drive smarter, people-centered results with powerful business intelligence and … Leer más

HRWEB RRHH management

What is HRWEB RRHH management and what is it used for? HRWeb HR Management automates human resources processes enabling you to manage your workforce more effectively. Having an effective and efficient way to manage and measure employee processes is essential for any organization that wants to optimize its productivity and profitability. Any successful organization needs … Leer más

Vibe HCM

What is Vibe HCM and what is it used for? Vibe HCM is redefining the expectations of human capital management software. We make it easy for companies not only to automate human resources transactions, but also to connect, communicate and interact with all their employees. We partner with talent driven companies to elevate their performance. … Leer más

Paycor Payroll

What is Paycor Payroll and what is it used for? Paycor Payroll: payroll and tax compliance software. Pay employees quickly and easily from wherever you are, while ensuring tax compliance. Paycor Payroll has spent years perfecting the payroll process. Our platform is designed to be extremely useful, yet robust and feature-packed, allowing you to handle … Leer más

Paycom RRHH

What is Paycom RRHH and what is it used for? Paycom Human Resources Management: LARGE SCALE SUCCESS Human resources technology helps you find, pay, develop and retain excellent employees Paycom is the all-in-one solution for the entire work life cycle. Hire With Talent Acquisition, it’s easy to find, hire and hire the best candidates quickly. … Leer más


What is SUCCESSFactors SAP and what is it used for? SuccessFactors SAP: Improve business decisions with reliable intelligence. Make analytics people simple and accessible to HR professionals, analysts, and business partners, so they can quickly and accurately answer key workforce questions and influence talent and business decisions. SuccessFactors SAP is a powerful HR software that … Leer más

Oracle taleo

What is Oracle taleo and what is it used for? Taleo Oracle is powerful human resources management software that enables businesses to easily obtain, recruit, develop and retain talents with an attractive, social, and data-rich talent management software package. Features and benefits of Taleo Oracle: Taleo Oracle’s fully integrated talent acquisition solution includes recruitment marketing … Leer más

Ultimate Software

What is Ultimate Software and what is it used for? Ultimate Software Services and Customer Support. To transform your staff, you need not only HCM’s best technology, but also the people and services behind it. Although the service is usually a component of low consideration during the selection of technology for RR. HH., is of … Leer más


What is Peoplematter and what is it used for? PeopleMatter is now Snag’s recruitment platform. PeopleMatter is the easiest to use recruitment platform for restaurant, hotel, retail, convenience stores and grocery businesses. Find and engage your hourly workforce using the world’s largest network for hourly work. Control all your engagements, training, and scheduling from a … Leer más