What is VIIMA and what is it used for? Viima is one of the most widely used and appreciated idea management and innovation software in the world. With Viima, you can collect ideas from different stakeholders and turn them into innovations. Viima supports an unlimited number of fully customizable idea boards, each representing an innovation … Leer más


What is Lucidspark and what is it used for? Who is Lucidspark aimed at? Lucidspark helps people organize notes and drawings and turn them into concepts ready for presentations. Features and Functions of Lucidspark Commercial Cfi and shipments Cubcontractors Cubcontractor management Cccounting integration Change requires Cobile access Contract management Cudget tracking /job costs Cesidential buildings

Accept Mission

What is Accept Mission and what is it used for? An innovative platform for idea generation, idea management, project portfolio management and analysis. The platform is simple to use, easy to use and draws on many years of experience in change management and innovation. Collect, qualify, and transform ideas into business value. Explore your entire … Leer más


What is Loomio and what is it used for? Loomio is an open-source collaborative decision-making solution for enterprises, associations, and government agencies. Web-based software is designed to simplify the decision-making process by gathering relevant information, stimulating discussion on a topic, creating visual summaries of individual opinions, and setting a deadline for faceless decisions. – Face-to-face … Leer más


What is Crowdworx and what is it used for? CrowdWorx is a comprehensive innovation management software that covers the entire process of idea and innovation management. It is proven to help find the best ideas with integrated algorithms, increase the quality of ideas and bring successful new products to market. CrowdWorx is a comprehensive innovation … Leer más


What is IDEWKE and what is it used for? To help organizations gather actionable insights, Ideawake enables companies to create challenges to outline specific goals and gather specific information from employees, customers, and suppliers on specific areas of innovation. Invitations can be open or closed to collect public feedback or limit invitations to internal team … Leer más