Confluence – Agile Management

What is Confluence – Agile Management and what is it used for? Confluence is an Agile Project Management software developed to work for collaboration, by Australian software company Atlassian, the programming language that manages the program is Java and is marketed as a local software licensed enterprise software. It is considered one of the most … Leer más


What is Workvivo and what is it used for? Workvivo is a centralized core that streamlines all internal communications to create deeper connections, capture the state of the organization, and truly elevate the employee experience. With seamless integrations with popular work tools like Slack, Teams, and Zoom, it’s easy to get started and optimize all … Leer más


What is Connectteam and what is it used for? Schedule jobs and track time with Connecteam’s powerful, easy-to-use all-in-one app designed and intended especially for employees who don’t work at desks. Programming includes advanced capabilities such as drag-and-drop distribution and private or team shifts, shift loading via Excel, and more to make your programming experience … Leer más