Intranet podium

What is Intranet podium and what is it used for? Podium Intranet adapts instantly and completely to your organization. It is really useful, a system where everyone can communicate and execute basic processes with great ease. It is organized and coordination is improved while sharing information inside the company becomes natural, thus increasing the satisfaction … Leer más


What is HAPPEO and what is it used for? Happeo is a solution with which you will get your digital and unified workspace. It is an intranet and enterprise social network where communication, connectivity and information come together in the same collaboration platform. Business commitment after generations, departments and locations to unify the workspace. It … Leer más


What is JOSTLE and what is it used for? Jostle’s iOS and Android apps give your people an engaging intranet experience wherever they are. Jostle features: The search function is extremely powerful because it finds everything on our entire platform. Search quickly finds documents, people, teams, news, events, and more. Your live intranet broadcast to … Leer más