Omnitracker it solution

What is Omnitracker it solution and what is it used for? OMNITRACKER IT Solution is one of Europe’s leading IT service management software systems, with flexibility and high integration potential. The OMNITRACKER Web Gateway gives you platform-independent access to OMNITRACKER using standard web browsers. You can customize the user interface and adapt OMNITRACKER to your … Leer más


What is CMDBUILD and what is it used for? CmdBuild is the open source solution for IT asset management, which manages the IT asset database and supports workflows. CmdBuild configuration tools enable you to enable a Configuration Management System (Comcpletecms) to manage your IT department. Thanks to its high configuration capacity, it is a good … Leer más


What is ASSYST SERVICIOS IT and what is it used for? Assyst is designed to transform IT departments into cost-effective, business-focused customer service teams quickly and efficiently. Assyst helps you manage all your services, assets, and support with a unique, modern, easy-to-use IT Service Management (ITSM) application. Our delivery model is flexible by offering you … Leer más

Derdack Enterprise alert

What is Derdack Enterprise alert and what is it used for? DERDACK Enterprise Alert is mobile alert notification and response software for operations teams in IT services as well as in other areas. Derdack’s enterprise notification software automates alert processes and enables rapid, reliable, and effective response to incidents that threaten service and operations continuity. … Leer más


What is Activate and what is it used for? ActivateTM is a workforce management solution, providing a robust, professional knowledge transfer to employees. Activate is a simple and flexible handover management tool that can be applied across a range of employee transitions. Activate brings a focus and structure to employee knowledge transfer and a new … Leer más

Servicedesk Plus MSP

What is Servicedesk Plus MSP and what is it used for? ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a web-based ITIL ready help desk software designed specifically for managed service providers. ServiceDesk Plus — MSP is a Service Desk software designed specifically for Service Providers and outsourcing companies that want to consolidate their support teams within a single … Leer más

Servicedesk Plus

What is Servicedesk Plus and what is it used for? ServiceDesk Plus is a technical support service and asset management software, offering an integrated package with incident and procurement management. ServiceDesk Plus is revolutionary because it changes the way IT teams work: from being firefighters to solve day-to-day problems to being responsible for delivering incredible … Leer más