What is INVGATE SERVICE DESK and what is it used for?   InvGate Service Desk is the web-based ITIL solution with an unprecedented user interface with unmatched configuration between users. InvGate Service Desk includes all the “World Class” features of an IT Services Management tool or IT Help Desk and much more, including native integration … Leer más


What is SYSAID ITSM and what is it used for? SysID ITSM is an IT service management software and Support Center, which integrates all essential IT tools into a single Service Center. SYSAID ITSM includes a powerful service request and incident management module, as well as other core ITIL capabilities such as problem management and … Leer más

Telalert ITSM

What is Telalert ITSM and what is it used for? TelAlert ITSM is an automated alert platform for ITSM and NMS applications, with advanced bi-directional notification integration, simple and fast. TelAlert ITSM uses advanced, automated notification technology to simplify management of network management, technical support, and financial processing systems by automatically launching IT alerts for … Leer más


What is Proactivanet and what is it used for? Proactivanet, ITAM and ITSM Software, is a comprehensive tool for asset management and IT services. It’s the optimal combination of agility and power as it covers 100% of your needs with less investment, in very agile deployment times and with less effort. With Proactivanet Discovery & … Leer más


What is BMC ITSM and what is it used for? The BMC ITSM solution merges the design of modern digital services with ITSM best practice principles to take the lead in a new era of exceptional service management. Modernize your service desk with the right BMC ITSM solution. Enterprise services management must combine high levels … Leer más

Ivanti ITSM Service Desk

What is Ivanti ITSM Service Desk and what is it used for? vanti ITMS Service Desk manages and automates the ITSM process lifecycle to modernize service delivery and online IT support, see how service automation helps control changes, Streamline automation, management, and tracking changes and configurations in your IT assets, processes, and services. With Ivanti … Leer más


What is Iet ITSM and what is it used for? iET Solutions offers the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive, ready-to-use IT Service Management (ITSM) solution and is highly configurable. iET Solutions offers the industry’s fastest and most comprehensive out-of-the-box IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Fully integrated, highly configurable and built to scale, IET® ITSM can easily … Leer más


What is EFFECT ITSM and what is it used for? The platform allows companies to consolidate and organize services, people, IT practices, digital assets, among others, through a unified portal. Efecte enables organizations to improve the employee experience with the omnichannel approach. Users can ask questions through self-service offers, open a hotline with customer service … Leer más