What is IVR NCh and what is it used for? This IVM software, IVR NCH is a complete voice mail, answering machine, interactive voice response (IVR) or dial-up telephone solution for small and medium businesses. There are many great ways to use IVM to provide information and better serve your customers: With IVR NCH Play … Leer más

IVR Masvoz

What is IVR Masvoz and what is it used for? IVR Masvoz automates the reception of calls to your office or customer service center. Optimize your resources and improve the calling experience with IVR -Interactive Voice Response- advanced interactive voice response software, with keyboard and/or natural language interaction options. With the simplicity of communications in … Leer más

IVR Telephone Locator

What is IVR Telephone Locator and what is it used for? IVR Telephone Locator: Make sure your customers call to find that your stores get their information quickly and accurately. A telephone-based store locator is the fastest way for customers to access addresses in their closest locations. Your customers are guaranteed an immediate and accurate … Leer más


What is IVR NECTAR DESK and what is it used for? IVR Nectar Desk. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) system recognizes speech and DTMF tones enter through the keyboard to provide your customers with the right information or connection to the right agent. Interactive voice response system Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology … Leer más