What is Talentlms and what is it used for?

Be the driver of your team’s potential.

All themes are optimized for desktop, tablet or mobile presentation. Fixed and random exams are available to evaluate learning and a variety of questions can be created and reused in all courses. The learning portal’s user interface is customizable and can be mapped to any URL, while custom plugins and user types ensure that users only have access to what they need. Virtual video conferencing in the classroom is also available to facilitate combined learning. Users can choose to receive a monthly or annual invoice.

All plans include unlimited email support and live chat support is also available in the Premium plan.

Who is Talentlms aimed at?

Talentlms offers a wide range of functionalities such as copyright, user tests, customization for customers, employees, partners or any other that needs teaching and training, in addition to an electronic commerce module for small and medium enterprises and schools.

Features and Functions of Talentlms

  • Digital Asset management
  • Dontent distribution
  • Document management
  • Danagement Major Records
  • Dearch / Filter
  • Dersion Control
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Quality Control

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