What is Teledrip and what is it used for?

Teledrip is a simple platform that automates every type of message to your subscribers. Advanced users can drag and drop to configure custom workflows in minutes.

With Teledrip automation you can increase efficiency in your sales process by reducing tedious email sending and outgoing dialing.

Teledrip will help you design a personalized campaign that will suit the needs of your leads, and deliver powerful reports with information on your campaign performance.

Text messages are sent to your leaflets within a schedule. Our AI will handle incoming responses.

Call your prospects on a schedule and transfer them to live agents. Use our AI engine for routing and appointment setup.

Use our powerful artificial intelligence engine in popular chat services to increase interaction rates.

Design beautiful and personalized emails and send them to your customers on a schedule.

Intelligent Tracking
Our experts will design and implement a customized drip tailored to your business needs. Users can easily program any type of message in a drip with the click of a button. Send calls, text messages, emails and voicemails to automate your marketing message and drive sales reliably. Our virtual sales assistant will respond to SMS messages and phone calls and handle common tasks such as scheduling appointments, opt-out, and answering common questions.

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