What is Tellfinder and what is it used for?

TellFinder allows you to search in vast areas of the deep web or other media for connections to known topics. Discover the people on the network in a fraction of the time. In addition, web results with common attributes are grouped into “people” to help identify key people and organizations.

With TellFinder you better understand your partners, customers and relationships. Score by risk, discover people and target new dimensions. Find connections between complex concepts. Identify precedents and find areas of novelty. Gather intelligence, detect networks, and discover actors on the deep, dark web. Rate risk factors and link ads across time and space using common contact information, writing style, and images.

Data summaries identify major sites, commentators, and outliers in geographic and temporal aspects. Analyze further with the help of artificial intelligence to automatically mark high-risk or high-value indicators based on language or image content.

Deployed to hundreds of law enforcement analysts and federal agencies, TellFinder has been successfully employed in numerous human trafficking investigations and other intelligence investigations.

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