The M-Power Development Platform

What is The M-Power Development Platform and what is it used for?

M-Power is an enterprise web application development platform that automates the development of web (and mobile) applications. Used in all industries and sizes of businesses, M-Power allows anyone to create web applications without coding.

Deliver business applications in minutes, without coding. Internal or cloud deployment. Create web and mobile web applications with a single build process. Everything is possible with M-Power Development Platform.

Deliver custom applications in minutes, using M-Power’s model-based build process. M-Power automatically generates mobile apps and tablets with every building process.

M-Power’s open architecture works with any database/system, and runs on site or in the cloud. M-Power’s OTT allows you to teach M-Power how to build applications that meet your business standards.

No user or distribution fees, M-Power scales easily across your enterprise. M-Power generates industry standard code, so applications can be kept out of M-Power.

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