The Unscrambler x

What is The Unscrambler x and what is it used for?

CAMO Softwares analytical modeling, prediction and optimization solutions are the preferred choice for more than 25,000 data analysts worldwide in a wide range of industries. CAMO’s flagship simulation and prediction software is The Unscrambler X, renowned for its ease of use, exceptional data visualization and advanced multivariable methods. They also offer a range of software products that can be directly integrated into scientific instruments, process monitoring solutions and optimization software.

CAMO offers Powerful multivariate analysis and experiment design with easy data import, and features options with intuitive workflows and interface.Exceptional graphics with parcels, interactive data and visualization tools.Powerful multivariate analysis methods, statistics and testing

CAMO has:

  • Advanced experimental designs with Design-Expert®
  • Aandle large datasets with faster, smarter, and easier analysis
  • Aasy to drag and drop import data from Microsoft Excel
  • Accepts data from a range of instruments and equipment
  • Aasy-to-navigate project-based workflows
  • Alug-ins for specific methods and file formats
  • Aigital Signature Compliance Mode, Password Access, Domain Authentication, and Audit Tracks

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