What is TIBCO SOFTWARE and what is it used for?

TIBCO Statistical Analysis: TIBCO statistical services provide decision makers with the ability to anticipate and solve business challenges by applying advanced statistical models without having to understand the underlying complexities of statistics. With TIBCO you can implement statistical models and predictive analysis up to five times faster than any other software.

Empower everyone with AI-based data visualization information
View, understand, and act on data.
Visualization of data is often the first step in understanding and communicating analysis because humans are much better at understanding data when presented graphically rather than numerically. When visualizing data, it’s easier to see emerging trends, the first step to getting information. Data visualization is also a powerful way to communicate a find because the fast possible intuition allows easier collaboration and faster innovation. With the ubiquity of data, data visualization technology is increasing its use and proliferating in multiple disciplines.

Bring ideas faster
Empower everyone to transform data into information quickly and easily. Data visualization enables easy trend discovery and faster identification of outliers. Information helps to understand how the business is working and what opportunities and risks are developing.

Make smarter, faster decisions
Organizations can make fast, data-driven decisions. By understanding information and collaborating with others to generate ideas and detect patterns in data faster, the days of relying on the instinct to make quick decisions are gone.

Empower everyone with advanced analytics
Now, more of your organization can benefit from easy-to-use interactive dashboards with geospatial, one-click predictive, and flow analytics to develop deeper insights, discover hidden patterns, and act on high-value business opportunities.

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