What is TICKELIA and what is it used for?

Tickelia is the solution for the management of expenses and travel of a leading company in the Iberian Peninsula that reinvents and simplifies the management of expenses with just a few photographs and a few clicks from a single platform linked to its business management system or ERP. Save time and money with positive ROI.

This solution integrates the expense management process, without the role, manual tasks, wasted time and possible fraud.

Tickelia is responsible for managing your expenses, forget about the manual paper tasks of the past. Pay with your Tichelia Visa card, take a picture of the stub and you’re done! Tickelia fully manages the flow of your company, such as approval, control of spending policies, management of advances and trips and even payment and accounting with your ERP.

Features and Functions of TICKELIA

  • Alerts and raised
  • Aelf -service portal
  • API
  • Ahat live
  • Aaiting lines management
  • Ahat and messaging

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