Titanfile Software

What is Titanfile Software and what is it used for?

TitanFile Software is a file sharing platform that allows companies to share and organize files of all sizes efficiently.

TitanFile Software is an award-winning, easy and secure way for professionals to communicate without having to worry about security and privacy. TitanFile automatically organizes messages and documents around customers, groups, or projects, reducing presentation overhead and increasing productivity.

Multi-tiered encryption, granular access control and complete audit logs ensure compliance and make TitanFile the best choice for secure communications. Our encryption key is 256-bit, in transit and at rest, which provides twice the protection of industry-standard 128-bit keys.

TitanFile Software’s interface is intuitive, allowing even the newest users of technology to feel comfortable sharing important documents. In addition, TitanFile allows you to choose where your data resides with servers in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

TitanFile’s secure deposit box simplifies the document retrieval process, giving customers the ability to upload their files directly to their organization through a secure system. Our cross-platform functionality allows you to carry your files on your smartphone and tablets.

TitanFile presents audit logs, which clearly track, seal time, and document who accesses your files. This allows you to control who does what with your most confidential documents. TitanFile customers can easily and securely share files with unregistered parts. Subscribers can also toggle permissions for who can add and remove users from these secure virtual areas.

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