What is Trendspottr and what is it used for?

TrendSpottr is a cloud-based predictive analytics company that identifies and predicts real-time trends of large data streams, including Twitter and Facebook. TrendSpottr’s service designed for the management, monitoring and management of social networks, allows our customers and partners to “get ahead of the curve” identifying emerging news, events and influential people who have high viral potential and impact on the market.

Content and social marketing specialists use TrendSpottr to discover and share timely trends and relevant content that will resonate with your audience. The software has helped
many content marketers scale their content marketing initiatives and have resulted in significant increases in their social metrics and KPIs.

With TrendSpottr discover and share the right content at the right time with the right audience. Anticipate threats and crises to your business and brand reputation. Locate key influencers and advocates in real time. Streamline media planning and purchase with predictive information. Follow emerging trends, memes and consumer sentiment.

TrendSpottr offers the new standard for real-time social-intelligent analysis to automatically identify brand, competitor and industry trends emergencies.

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