What is Tresorit and what is it used for?

Tresorit is an end-to-end encrypted file sharing and synchronization service, which allows you to store your confidential documents.

Keep your confidential data safe from hackers, intruder governments and the dangers of internal violations. Secure your files from your computer to the people you share them with.

Increase your security without losing productivity. Use Tresorit to keep your files safe with integrated end-to-end encryption. Upload your files to tresors, your unbreakable folders in the cloud. You do not need to change the folder structure that you already have on your computer.

Access encrypted documents from any device. Stay in sync with your team and collaborate on files with them. Securely share anything within your company or with customers and contractors. Invite members to collaborate or simply share with protected links.

8 out of 10 file types you work with contain sensitive information. Maintain control of your files even after sharing them by managing access and permissions. Use password-protected links to send files in place and revoke access with one click.

Decide whether files can be copied, emailed, printed, or shared. With Tresorit you can also easily recover deleted files that are lost if you are a victim of a malware attack. Restore files simply when you accidentally delete them.

Work safely from anywhere you want, in offices and on the road. Upload and access your zero-knowledge encryption files from any desktop and mobile device running Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Features and Functions of Tresorit

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