Tribe Peoplevine

What is Tribe Peoplevine and what is it used for?

Tribe is the only zero-adoption task manager in the world. Manage your tasks from inside your email, or from the Tribe mobile app, and never download or subscribe at all.

With so many fragmented customer interaction tools in the market, we are the first platform that connects CRM, Marketing, Sales and Operations into a single, comprehensive set.

PeopleVine Tribe Benefits and Features:

We have already created data input/output methods,
out-of-the-box displays, dashboard and reports for these core components, so it’s not necessary.

Tag attributes, filter by interaction, and see each interaction for all your people. Manage sales, products, inventory and costs and/ or integrate with another ERP. Process payments, run transactional reports, and start recurring billing.

With PeopleVine Tribe you can launch events, sell tickets, invite attendees and manage their place. Book appointments, sync with other calendars, and manage time slots. Manage locations, offer special offers, or search by attributes. Reward points, track interactions and gamify anything.

Generate and validate offers to integrate with another system, such as a POS. Generate new membership cards, track activity, and run reports. Create pages, report analysis, and streamline template updates. Capture results, run reports, add questions, and segment your answers. Enter contestants, randomize the award ceremony, select winners and run reports.




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