Triniteq pos

What is Triniteq pos and what is it used for?

By processing payments faster and providing an intuitive and easy-to-use point-of-sale interface, TriniteQ POS helps reduce labor costs while providing faster and more attentive service to your valued customers. This system enables superior table service through popular table management features such as color-coded table status view and split billing options. Integrate with Waiterpad, the world’s renowned, purpose-built mobile ordering device, reducing staff costs while significantly increasing productivity.

TriniteQ POS systems are not dependent on the Internet or the server, so if your internet or servers leave, the POS will continue to function normally. In addition, at TriniteQ POS they know that hospital environments can be difficult so they only use the best brands, such as Aures and Epson, for durable and durable hardware, built to withstand the harsh environment. TriniteQ POS platform helps site operators increase exposure, sales and manage daily tasks using any browser.

Put your staff together with Waiterpad devices and watch productivity soaring! No more shipment of delivery orders to different service locations. Just enter the order on the table and press send. The prompts on the device help increase sales, and when integrated with your POS and countdown feature, staff can suggest alternatives when products are out of stock.

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