What is Tripolis and what is it used for?

. Personalized messages Personalized results Marketing automation software to maximize the impact of Messages . Easy and convenient to set up automated campaigns. For example, send your email now or create a full lead nurturing campaign and do it automatically. That way you’re always in control. – Save time with automation Create automated sequences and keep them active for years. – Flexible software Use standard or custom features. – Easy to use Create a workflow with a few clicks and you’re good to go. Automate Create automatic spending and messages that arrive at the right time. Convert Never lose track. Start building your profile from the first visit. Tripoli helps companies in all sectors All organizations can benefit from the use of marketing automation. Here are some of the most common areas we work with.

Who is Tripolis aimed at?

Tripoli helps companies from all sectors all organizations can benefit from the use of marketing automation. These are some of the most common areas with which we work.

Features and Functions of Tripolis

  • Automated programming
  • Ahift change
  • Aacation / absences tracking
  • Aobile access
  • Aours offline tracking
  • Amployees database
  • Aillable and non-bill hoours
  • Aistribution of programs
  • Aalculating Overtime
  • Aeports/analysis
  • Aersonnel planning
  • Aacation monitor ABSENCES Tracking
  • Aobile Access
  • Aours offline tracking
  • Amployees Database
  • Aillable and Non-Billable Hours
  • Aistribution of Programs
  • Avertime Calculating
  • Automatic Recording Times
  • Aersonnel Planning
  • Aolidays Monitoring/Absences
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Aimesheets Management

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