Truna Database

What is Truna Database and what is it used for?

Trunao is a platform designed to help small and medium businesses struggling to maintain their databases in MS Excel due to lack of technical and software solutions.

Turn your spreadsheet database into a cloud database, create an Asset Management Tracker, a contact list, forms, and create surveys without any coding knowledge. Get features like document/image attachment, pivot table, report generator, grid. You can also insert the database into your website in minutes.

No software installation. You are on the form that appears quickly. If your browser is loaded, accessing your form and data is quick and easy.

Displays move very fast. Between ready to modify to add. There is no load time, regardless of the number of records.

Filters and sorting are predefined. If you see a column, a filter is automatically added for that column. A quick filter of all columns is also available.

AutoSave is integrated into all displays. The user will not lose data because he forgot to click Save.

Share your online database with your colleagues with the appropriate permissions!

Attach documents/images to each record.

Do a change audit at the field level and know who changed the important data.

Your data is in the cloud. Data is secure and backed up. Local disaster will not affect data loss.

All access uses HTTPS security. All data is isolated and secured.

Data is backed up and can therefore be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster.

Because the data is in the cloud, if a disgruntled employee leaves the company, the data is still secure and protected in the cloud.

Link Two worksheets in a master detail style.

Analyze your data with the PivotTable. PivotTables are smart and can also be added to each report.

Combining the features of 2 main products Excel and DropBox into one powerful application.

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