What is Twitterfall and what is it used for?

Twitterfall is a website designed to allow Twitter users to view trends and patterns posted by other users on the same social network.

Twitterfall works as a cloud tool in which tweets fall across the screen like a cascade. Ideal for presentations and large screen use. Twitterfall takes advantage of Twitter’s search trends, which appear on the search page, and reveal the topics that are currently most popular and discussed at the time.

It also allows you to perform a geolocated search to see tweets posted, on a particular topic, from users in a specific city or country. To do this, click on the general feed and follow the most popular Twitter message trends or set your own search criteria.

Another feature of this service is that you can see your timeline, as you would normally see it on Twitter. This allows you to follow all your friends, without having to stop using the Twitterfall service. You can adjust the speed of this message flow using the basic configuration tools, which are located in the right column.

Last but not least, Twitterfall offers you a lot of presentation options. Among the options available are: change the font size, font color, and reading speed of tweets.

Features and Functions of Twitterfall

  • Application management
  • Aser interface
  • Aystem update
  • Aernel
  • Aata security

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