UNAMO Social Media

What is UNAMO Social Media and what is it used for?

Unamo Social Media Monitoring allows you to effectively monitor your brand, manage your reputation, understand public opinion on a topic, track your competitors and get new customers. With all the tools available under one roof, users can create multiple campaigns designed to easily monitor entire domains, subdomains, or subfolders.

With Unamo Social Media Monitoring, control the opinions and issues of your users, your brand and your competitors on social networks. Understand your target audience by gathering information about their age, occupation and interests to have a stronger marketing approach from content to design.

In addition, collect feedback and feedback from your users to make meaningful marketing decisions. Collect data about your competitors’ brands, analyze their ideas, and avoid mistakes. Increase your online transparency by listening to and responding to customers across all social media channels. Stay active in discussions and provide solutions to your users’ questions.

Brand Monitoring
Control the opinions and issues of your users, your brand and your competitors on social media.

Target Audience
Find your niche market with different demographic characteristics and focus on the right consumers to meet your goals.

intervention Timely intervention
Contact your competitors’ customers at the right time to earn their trust and business.

Don’t just react. Anticipate.
Monitor trends on different topics before they go viral and always stay one step ahead in the keywords you’re tracking.

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