Unnet Govcon

What is Unnet Govcon and what is it used for?

Unanet offers an integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that helps companies plan their resources and manage people, projects and finances effectively through a web-based solution. Together, the solution provides tools to manage resources, opportunities, employee timesheets, project budgets, and accounts in a single business solution. Unanet allows organizations to receive a wide range of detailed or summarized reports and real-time information about their ongoing projects. The solution can report the direct and indirect costs of any project and track the costs incurred. The intuitive dashboard provides a drop-down menu interface to filter large data sets and view real-time metrics for selected projects. Project managers can set up notifications for their projects and send emails to team members and relevant customers to ensure effective collaboration. Unanet allows managers to limit budgets at the project, person or task level and monitor all ongoing project activities using a custom dashboard. The resource planning feature helps optimize critical resources and ensures optimal resource capacity for future projects. The number of hours and effort invested in the project is recorded in a work diary, which is useful for payroll and accounting.

Who is Unnet Govcon aimed at?

AnAnet has the capacity to adapt to companies of all sizes.

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