What is SINITO SOFTWARE PROJECTS and what is it used for?

Unito Project Management is a project management application integrator that synchronizes projects, tasks and conversations between different applications.

Unito is a synchronization platform that allows professionals to collaborate seamlessly from the application of their choice, whether managers at Asana, Trello, Basecamp or specialized teams at GitHub, Jira and more. Unito sees a future where professionals bring their own software tools to work, just as they bring their own devices today.

No more state meetings. I never wonder what’s going on with a project. Nothing falls through the cracks. It’s better work. Together. You don’t need another task tracking tool. Think of us as a “group” that gets out of the way so your whole team can see the big picture.

Synchronize two-way projects between tools so everyone can collaborate without barriers and do things. Synchronize tasks, problems, epics between tools. Synchronize comments, attachments, tags, tags, and anything you can imagine the way you want.

Unito connects project management tools to link teams. Each team task management tool forms its own team.

Unito automatically synchronizes your projects, tasks and conversations between different administration tools.

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