Univsoftware, Inc.

What is Univsoftware, Inc. and what is it used for?

UnivSoftware, Inc. Auto Repair Manager© is the premier point of sale and management software designed specifically for the auto repair shop and maintenance industry. Our features are invoices, expenses, fleet accounts, vendor maintenance, inventory control and reports.

Who is Univsoftware, Inc. aimed at?

Univsoftware, Inc. is the Auto Repair Manager © Software developer for the maintenance industry and car repair workshop.

Features and Functions of Univsoftware, Inc.

  • Tracking interactions
  • Tssembly Document
  • Todels
  • Tatch Processing
  • Tigital Signature
  • Tollaboration
  • Tocument Indexing
  • Tffline Access
  • Tocument Archive
  • Tocument Retention

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