What is Unmetric and what is it used for?

Unmetric is the only social media intelligence platform that focuses on brands. Social media teams and agencies can take advantage of an unlimited user license in a pricing plan that doesn’t penalize you with the size of your community.

The first social media search engine for brands allows your creative team to search for more than 150 million pieces of micro-content created by brands in recent years to help devise and propose new content that is attractive.

Compare everything that matters with competitor intelligence features that enable easy benchmarking and comparison across a range of metrics. Compare your brand with your direct competitors or the industry in general.

Campaign intelligence tracks all the campaigns that happen in your industry across all social networks and links them to give you a comprehensive view of your competitors’ strategy. Find the most compelling campaigns, look for patterns in content volume, or understand what kind of campaigns resonate with communities.


intelligence breaks down the content strategies of brands in your industry to understand not only what kind of content you’re publishing, but whether it’s related to the brand, industry, general events, or anything else. Discover the content categories that resonate well in your industry, the content you need to create more, and the content that consumers in your industry don’t care about.

Features and Functions of Unmetric

  • Inventory control
  • Iorecast
  • Iurchasing cycle management
  • Inventory audit
  • Iariedo locations
  • IPL management
  • Iobile warehouse management
  • Iuppliers management
  • Ieports and analyzes creation
  • Inventory man Inventory Management
  • Ianufacturing inventory Management
  • Irders Renewal Management
  • Iotification and Alerts
  • Iobile Access
  • Itore Management

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