What is UPCLICK ECOMMERCE and what is it used for?

Upclick is an e-commerce platform that provides a complete and secure payment solution that allows merchants in the software and digital products industries to easily accept online payments worldwide.

More than just a payment processor, Upclick is a custom e-commerce platform with expertise in sales funnel optimization and monetization for merchants in digital goods and software industries. We deliver effortlessly payment processing while improving conversion rates and total cart value.

Our more than 10 years of experience in the market provide you with billing solutions, while our marketing expertise is complemented by that of our customers. Upclick’s platform increases your online sales by focusing on five key elements: fully customizable sales flow, payment optimization, easy integration, premium technical support and an affiliate network.

Our cross-selling experience makes us unique in the industry!

Our complete and secure payment solution allows you to easily accept all major payment methods and display your products in multiple currencies and languages depending on the location of your customers. We also offer you a customized and optimized branded cart that gives you a perfect user experience to reduce the dropout rate of your cart. Your customers won’t feel they left your website because your new cart is fully aligned with your brand to ensure satisfaction and conversion.

Upclick is the only customizable e-commerce platform for self-service. Our main expertise is in sales funnel optimization and monetization for merchants in software and digital products industries. Our holistic approach begins with us by researching your brand and your customers. We find the perfect solution through sophisticated testing practices, while you focus on day-to-day business management. Our team of experienced professionals will stay right behind you, increasing your revenue at an exponential rate. We want to help you make more money!

Founded in 2006, Upclick was developed after an internal car for one of its software companies achieved massive success. After capitalizing on their million-dollar success, they soon realized the true potential of their creation and set on making Upclick one of the industry’s leading e-commerce platforms. Our management is composed of e-commerce specialists with over 80 years combined experience in online marketing and sales. Since then, Upclick has become a full-service e-commerce provider for digital media merchants.

Features and Functions of UPCLICK ECOMMERCE

  • Record backup
  • Rompression
  • Rloud storage backup
  • Registry Backup
  • Rompression
  • Rloud Storage Backup
  • Restorration and Web Access
  • Rncremental Backup
  • Recure Data Storage
  • Rncryption
  • Rontinuous Backup
  • Remote Server Options
  • Rrogramming Backup

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