UPROC Database

What is UPROC Database and what is it used for?

UProc offers tools to improve and enrich database fields. Organizations can benefit from improved internal data flows, better campaigns, classification and cost reduction. UProc can validate emails, phones, or add multiple fields to a database for better segmentation. In addition, UProc improves forms and unifies databases. The UProc API supports JSON for responses.

Unified Catalog
All tools to clean, verify or enrich your data. The catalog is always growing with new tools and categories!

Consult reliable data
sources We use qualified, always optimized and up-to-date public and private sources of information

Enjoy the magician, your best ally
Tired of complex systems? Wizard turns data processing, B2B list generation and form optimization into child play

Choose your
processing mode. Process your data by wizard, API or plugin (WordPress, Google Sheets, Zapier or Salesforce). You decide how to work

Analyze and compare your data
Visual reports that allow you to analyze, understand and segment your results

Take advantage of our consulting service
Do you want to delegate data processing? Leave it to our experts, and they will take care of the whole process

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