What is Veeva and what is it used for?

Veeva CRM multichannel trains its business teams with best practices and completes customer perception to transform customer engagement. Veeva CRM is an end-to-end solution that offers life-science-focused capabilities for planning and coordinating all your resources, across all channels.

Empowered with full visibility into all interactions, your business teams deliver a seamless customer experience.

Advanced multi-channel capabilities and real-time statistics help you engage your customers in the way and channel they prefer. Informed by the industry’s largest user network, it is the modern and continuously evolving CRM solution that helps you quickly adapt to changing market conditions and drive business growth.

Veeva CRM has proven itself in companies of all sizes, from pre-commercial companies launching their first product to the world’s largest life sciences companies. Veeva CRM allows you to get the following benefits:

Put your customer in the center — Improve planning and execution across teams and increase collaboration among top account managers, field representatives, doctors, and marketing to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Handle the right actions for greater impact: Increase the efficiency of the field team by engaging the right customers in the right channel. Optimize engagement through actionable insights — Drive customer interactions through actionable, data-driven insights delivered directly to the point of execution.

Features and Functions of Veeva

  • Web management pages
  • Worrespondence client / property
  • Wontact management
  • Wocument management
  • Wmail marketing
  • Wanagement listings
  • Wanagement calendars

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