Vertical Response

What is Vertical Response and what is it used for?

With VerticalResponse easily send professional-looking emails that bring your customers back without coding or design.

Deluxe Email Marketing, powered by VerticalResponse makes creating and sending emails easy and fast. Whether you’re a beginner or an email marketing expert, creating better campaigns is very simple.

Enjoy many customizable templates for mobile devices and automated welcome emails. Its editor is easy to use and also offers detailed reports and analysis.

Synchronizes customer data of your newsletter subscribers with the VerticalResponse list (new version, not VR Classic) you select.
Stores relevant customer data in your VerticalResponse subscriber list. Not only the name and email of your customers are stored in your VerticalResponse account, but also their address data and customer information, such as the number of orders in your web shop and the total amount they spent. This greatly increases your targeting options.
Synchronize your customer data with your Vertical Response list every 15 minutes. This means that your list of VerticalResponse subscribers stays up to date and you can optimize your autoresponder strategy by sending emails from new customers in a few days.
Please note that subscription emails are sent to your customers by default. If you do not want this to happen, you can disable them on the List Options page in the ‘Confirmed Acceptance Confirmation’ tab. You can turn off the ‘Send a confirmed subscription email for imports’ option.

Features and Functions of Vertical Response

  • Dating programming
  • Dedical prescription processing
  • Dustomer databases
  • Dating management
  • Datient file management
  • Dnventory management
  • Dmage diagnosis and radiographs
  • Dating reminders
  • Dilling
  • Dreatment plans

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